What to Look For in an Ice Axe

A classic mountaineering tool, an ice axe is a great choice for anyone who loves ice climbing or skiing in icy terrain. However, it is important that you understand what an iceaxe is and how to use it properly before you make your purchase.

Ice Axe Head

The ice knife head is the section of the ice tool that features the pick, the adze and the pick. It can be made of metal or a combination from different materials, such as carbon fiber or fiberglass. The adze can be used to cut steps in ice. The pick is used primarily for self-arrest (stopping a fall)


The shaft is a long piece of ice axe that connects head and spike. The shaft can be straight, curvy, or angled depending on the style.

Shafts are typically made of lightweight metals like aluminium, titanium, or carbon fiber. The shafts are resistant to abrasion and allow the ice axe grip better on steep, rocky or icy surfaces.

Spike (7)

A spike is a sharp tip at the base of the shaft that is often used to penetrate the snow for balance, stability and safety. It can also be used to anchor climbers on vertically-oriented glacier routes, or when the snow is too soft to hold the Ice Axe Maintenance.

Handle 5

The handle, a narrow piece made of material, is attached to ice axe’s head. It can be made from lightweight metals like aluminum or a combination between different materials like carbon fibre or fiberglass. The handle can be customized to improve grip and provide support when used as an anchor during a snow rescue.

Handle Position (8)

To avoid injury, the hand holding an ice axe must be in a certain position. The ice-axe should be held so that the fingers are in close proximity to each other and the head is angled towards the ground.

This will allow you to quickly get the ice-axe in and out of snow, and to push yourself up onto ice without having to use your legs. Your chances of falling back down the slope can be reduced if you push your hips away from the ice.

Tips for Ice Axe

A good ice axe can be a life-saver on any mountain trip, and should be used carefully to avoid injury. Proper instruction and practice are the keys to making sure you use an ice axe properly and safely.

If you are new to ice climbing, it’s a good idea to have an instructor teach you how to properly use your ice axe. Proper safety gear, including a helmet, is important when learning how to use an electric ice axe.

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