Concrete Leveling Is The Process Of Filling And Sealing Low-Spots On The Slab

Additionally it can assist in resolving water pooling problems that can occur due to an uneven surface. A typical leveling process takes between one and two hours.

A concrete slab may be prone to settle due to a variety of reasons. These include the expansion of soil, seismic activity, and tree roots. In some instances the settling can create an void beneath the concrete. This void causes the concrete to sink and can make it appear like the slab is rocking when tapped. The problem is that the void will only get worse if the concrete is not leveled properly. Fortunately, there are Greene Concrete Leveling products that fix this problem, and the process is simple.

The first step is to prepare the area by cleaning off any loose debris and debris from the old surface. This includes getting rid of adhesive and paint from concrete as well as chipped or flaking materials. Then, you can mark the areas of the slab that require leveling with chalk or a carpenter’s level.

Then, apply a layer of concrete leveling compound. The compound will help to level the surface of the concrete and can be applied using an squeegee or trowel with a long handle. After a few hours the compound will begin to harden and be ready for the rubber wheel. The finished surface of the leveled concrete will be smooth and durable.

If the concrete is not damaged to the extent that it is then you can apply self-leveling patches. This product is a vinyl-based formula that is poured into areas where concrete has cracked or settled. The patch should be 0.5 inches thick.

Another option is to employ a process called mudjacking. Mudjacking involves drilling holes into the concrete. The slurry that resembles mud is then pumped into the holes. This slurry raises the concrete back to its original height and help stabilize the soil below. However, this process is expensiveand will last for only five to ten years.

To get a cleaner and faster alternative, you can consider PolyLevel(r). This polyurethane foam is in the concrete. It will expand to level the sunken concrete. This method is quicker and less expensive than mudjacking. In fact you can get a PolyLevel(r) contractor visit your house and provide you with an estimate for free. You can also pick one that provides financing options and a warranty. Before you sign up with a firm, make sure you read their warranty.

It is a smart idea to hire an experienced concrete leveling professional to get the best results. The majority of companies charge between $1.80 and $25 per square foot for the work, which includes the concrete pouring and any cleanup required after the work is completed. Some companies provide a one-year guarantee. Other companies offer no warranty and you may need to redo the work after a brief period of time.


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